5 tips for boosting your mood for a workout

5 tips for boosting your mood for a workout

Let’s be honest…

We are already half way through March and most of our New Year’s resolutions and goals for better fitness are looking all the more difficult to reach. Maybe you are disappointed with your progress or even worse, you have lost the motivation you had at the beginning of the year. Here are 5 tips to revive your motivation and enthusiasm and get you back in the gym for more workouts.

Tip 1:  Work out with a friend!

A “work-out buddy” is a double advantage.  First a partner will motivate you to get to the gym for your workouts.  You may not feel like getting up and out for a work out but your friend will insist on company and push (or shame) you into following. Also, work-outs are more fun when you have someone to compete with and keep you company.  Caution: This works best with someone that has similar goals and fitness that you have.  If your friend is way above or below your level, this may not work well.

Tip 2: Listen to music

Whether you believe it or not, music will help you enjoy your work-out much more.  Research has shown that music can help one to comply with a work-out program, while giving the feeling to the trainee that he /she is working with less effort.  Choose something uplifting that matches the type of exercise you like.  For example, if it’s weights or Crossfit choose a n intense rhythm like Eminem ( for the adventurous) or Metallica and you’ll be well on your way…

Tip 3:  Remind yourself of your progress!

Even if you have only been working out for a short time, you have certainly some change to your body as well as your performance.  Note them down!  Whether in a notebook or on a fitness app, write down your progress routinely and make a habit of it. Just a quick glance at where you started and where you have reached will motivate you and give you that boost to achieve even more. You can even take progress photos so you can see (and admire) how your body has changed over time!

Tip 4: Do not be afraid to change your routine or the type of workout you are doing!

Your body gets used to a workout program in about 6-8 weeks. For new adaptations and continuing improvements, you need modified and amended stimulation from your physical exercises.  These modifications can be anything from small (ex., decrease time between sets) to extreme (ex., a change from a Crossfit to a callisthenic workout).  With the changes in your program you will notice differences in the results the training has on your body but most of all in the enthusiasm you had before the change.  In other words,  you need to change your workout routine before it becomes “routine”…

Tip 5: Reward yourself after every workout!

Just imagine how much more motivation you would have to work out if you knew that your favorite food or drink was waiting for you when you finished… So, prepare a nutrition rich snack or protein shake and bring it with you to the gym.  Unconsciously you will give 110% effort because you think you have to earn the reward that’s waiting for you in that shaker or Tupper in your bag!

These are just a few tips to help you through some difficult days.  We would be happy to hear what works for you!

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