A Personal Trainer’s Thoughts On The Year To Come


A Personal Trainer’s Thoughts On The Year To Come

We are well into 2018, the holidays are behind us and we are finding ourselves back in our typical daily routines. With the arrival of the New Year came resolutions, promises to ourselves, optimism for changes in our lives and possibly stress and anxiety arising from the pressure of our great expectations.

New Year, new you!

The arrival of a new year somehow magically brings with it an inner burst of determination and energy to prompt us in making the changes we so desire. You feel in control and ready to grab the bull by the horns!
We often get the impression that the New Year is a key point in our lives that calls for change, not only in our environment but also the role we play in it.
In any case, what we need to remember is that, no matter what area of our lives we choose to look at, there will always be room for improvement. Whether with small daily changes or major alterations to your life you can find your role again, new and improved.


Healthy mind, healthy body!

Most vital of all, because it affects everything else, is our health; primarily because of the balance existing between mental and physical health.
Sometimes we are just apathetic. After having indulged in an abundance of cloying satiating holiday fare, after idling the hours away for too long, have you become blasé? It is so easy to fall into that old trap…
It might benefit us to do a little soul searching to find out what it is in our hearts (and minds) that is keeping us stuck in our rut. What is stopping us from having a happier life that would simultaneously be healthier?

Do not stay static!

We may feel stuck in our daily routines, somewhere between the couch and the chair at the office. We may reminisce about the good old days when we worked out and went jogging, when now we won’t go to the corner drugstore without the car. Having fun with friends used to be a tennis match or a playing basket or volley ball. Now we go for coffee or drinks.
Sound familiar?
We do have the power to refresh some of our customary routines and to make an effort to add some new activities to our regular schedules, with a goal of finding new life balances.
Trying something new can open up a whole new gamma of feelings and interests you did not even know existed. Try it!

Choices are endless!

We have infinite choices. The power to change and improve is in our hands. We do not need to quit our jobs or give up hanging out with our friends at our favorite watering hole.Easy is to start walking to the drugstore by foot, going out to dance or scheduling a game of handball with a friend. How about a nature walk before Sunday brunch? Better yet, try stopping by the gym for a work- out with your best friend (you have probably already paid for it anyway!). This way you spend time with your favorite person and get encouragement at the same time. When you go out for that burger later, skip the fries…and one beer, not three!
Small changes over time add up to big changes in quality of life!


Set yourself goals!

Having goals does not mean loading your body and mind down with unnecessary baggage, but rather it means enriching our lives with new activities and putting into practice new routines that will make us feel better physically while boosting our morale mentally. Everyone has to decide for themselves what is appropriate for their own situation; we are here to share our ideas and give you our support. Together we can put the final touches to the new revitalized image that you will be presenting to your family and friends.

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