Alex Sears is ready to shock the world in Nomads 2018!!

Alex Sears is ready to shock the world in Nomads 2018!!

If you take a look at the Nomads 2018 roster of players you will wonder who Alex Sears is. The 25-year old strength coach doesn’t easily go unnoticed not only due to his height and build but also because of his multidimensional athletic skills and kind and grateful attitude.

Who is Alex Sears?

With origins that span across two continents,  Alex’s father comes from L.A. and his mother comes from Thrace.

Alex Sears was born and raised in Athens where he studied in Campeon, Duke and Byron College.

After being convinced by his friend, he decided to devote his undergraduate studies to his dream – sports sciences, studying in one of the top universities – the Bangor University in Wales. After completing his studies he comes back to Greece where he now works as a strength and conditioning coach.

Alex Sears
Alex Sears Performs A Front Lever

Alex’s training

Alex’s love of sports started with soccer and continued with basketball up to the age of 15 where he broadened his athletic horizones taking up rugby, track & field, CrossFit and Powerlifting.

He recently took over the street lifting world taking up first place in the world tournament that took place in Kiev as well as first place in the greek tournament!

In order to achieve such an impressive physical build and equally incredible performances, Alex trains daily between one and two and a half hours, almost 7 days a week and he is quite strict with his diet. He can easily be lured, however, to a cheat meal containing pizza, ice cream and cheesecake!

The newest Nomads member – Alex Sears

He decided to take part in Nomads because he is big into reality shows and athletic challenges. He chose Nomads over Survivor because he considers Survivor to be more lonely and the activities in Nomads to be more challenging. If he wins the grand prize, he will consider investing in something closely related to his passion.

Alex Sears Interview With Katia Stratoudakis

What does Alex do in his spare time?

Alex enjoys reading, watching movies and loves spending time with his dog, d’ Artanian, an adorable and clever border collie. He uploads many photos of it on social media

He does not reveal whether he is in a relationship at this stage and says goodbye to us all with his motto: Go hard or go home!

Where will we find Alex Sears?

Alex works as a trainer at Icon Fitness in Chalandri and you can follow him on social media where he uploads his daily activities.

The Fitnessblossom team wishes him good luck!

Alex Sears Says Goodbye


Watch the entire interview in the videos below

You may follow Alex on his Instagram account with the username: alexandros_sears

and on Facebook with the username: Alex Sears

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