Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

It’s 11:35 pm Monday night. I’ ve just got home, ordered something to eat and I’ m sitting in front of the TV – I’m completely exhausted, as I got up at 6. Does this remind you of something? It’s common, if a little bit unhealthy, practice. Oh yes, I also forgot to tell you. I’ m a personal trainer.

Even I will have to consult myself sometimes against these practices. Let’s be reasonable, however. When you work all day you won’t always find the time to make a proper meal. Maybe you’ ve even forgot to bring your meal along with you as you rushed out of home.

What we need to keep in mind is we always have options. These are the options I want to talk to you about. They may not always be all that pleasant but they exist – for all of us.

Let’s face it. We have become soft as a society, in general. We have forgotten what discipline and hard work mean and unfortunately it’s our training and diet that take the biggest hit.

Yes, it is true that our work is enough to make us feel exhausted and yes it is also true that training – especially when you expect some results out of it – is also tiring.

Can we not find something that will help us buold the body of our dreams, get rid of body fat or cellulitis without running ourselves to the ground?

We get bombarded each day with adverts about the latest magic tea recipe, the latest magic pill, the latest ab massager that will help us burn fat while we sleep and the list goes on and on. Have we become that naive as a society? Or are the others who are so careful about their diet and training just plain stupid?

The vast majority of us always look for the easy way out. We find ourselves thinking that “we are gonna get some results, since we are putting in some work.”. This is not a bad mindset, per se, as it contains a heavy dose of truth. Even I push my athletes and myself to just do something in the little time I may have to my disposal.

There is an unavoidable truth to all this, however.

max effort = max results

mediocre effort = mediocre results

Let’s not forget those individuals that do not care about their outer appearance. All it takes is a walk in the park and we can quickly spot many people wearing clothes they shouldn’t. I’ m not talking about 2-3 extra kilos. I’m talking about a LOT OF extra kilos. Now I’ m not the one to judge someone’s body if they feel fine about themselves. On the other hand, I do not want to hear any complaints from them concerning their body.

Because here is the harsh truth:

  • If you neglect your daily diet and training, you will get fat
  • If you don’t eat right and give an honest effort in the gym, you will see decent results
  • If you adopt a healthy and balanced nutrition plan and start working out a little bit, you will start seeing decent results as well
  • If you start following a proper nutrition and training plan, you will have the best possible results. Be proud of the effort you are giving and enjoy the results. I ‘ve never heard of someone doing what they have to be unhappy with the results!

What’s my point? That no matter what we do, we should do it consciously, because half-measure will only get us so far. In the end it’s up to us whether we eat chicken with veggies or pasta with sauce, whether we drink soda or water and finally whether we spend our evenings browsing our social media feeds or breaking a sweat at the neighbourhood gym.

Surely most of us won’t sign contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to have our abs on display in the latest blockbuster so let’s be reasonable. We will eat and drink more freely and we will enjoy our occasional chocolate. Let’s try to have some rules in our life, however and next time we find it difficult to fit in our jeans let’s take a moment to think: Did I overdo it with the pizzas?

Go on. Get up from the couch!

That will be all,



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