How to build the perfect body away from the gym

How to build the perfect body away from the gym

From the beginning of the 20th century, when the first steps in physical therapy were taken, until today, elastic or resistance bands have passed through many stages of use and have found broad acceptance by trainees.  What are they exactly and who uses them?

Resistance bands exist in abundant variations from small and large loops to bands with handles, and even ankle bands! Certainly any exercise you can imagine can easily be adapted to band use.

Why should we use bands? Because the bands offer something difficult to find with other training tool:  the ability to keep your muscles tense throughout the duration of the exercise.  This is unique and will make you feel a “burning” that you will have for days!

Air squats, bridges and glute kickbacks are exercises especially effective for muscle development in the buttocks and provide increasingly challenging training levels.  The bands provide a changing resistance in movement so that you have to work your muscles a lot harder (even the muscles you didn’t know you had!) in order to move.

Also, if you are an advanced athlete returning to training after an injury resistance bands can help.  They allow the muscles of the traumatized area to adapt to outside resistance by exercising them with a gamma of all available movements.  It goes without saying that you have to choose the proper band to help execute the desires repetitions with absolute safety, not to reinjure the area.

For all of you that may not have time for the gym, travel a lot or maybe just don’t want to pay that sometimes very expensive gym membership-don’t worry!  Resistance bands (especially if you have a set with multiple grading) are a portable, colorful, arsenal that you can take with you anywhere.  Whether you are outdoors or at home you have a guaranteed demanding workout regardless which muscle group you want to focus on.

No matter what your situation, resistance bands are designed to give you a good work out (with proven results, in limited space)  in resistance training.  Give them a chance and you won’t be able to imagine training without them.

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